Custom Colours Custom Cool

We love seeing our designs in your favourite colours.

They allow you the option to be unique and make your home individual.

No more searching through endless pattern books harness your inner interior designer.

We believe the only limit is your imagination and creativity.

Do you want to match to your favourite paint colour or do you want a zany colour combination that you just can't find...

We can help order the bespoke sample £30 option and send us your idea and preferably a carpet/fabric/paint sample to match.

Within 2/3 weeks we will send you a large sample 70cm x 70cm (large enough to make a great cushion or canvas if you don't decide to print more).

Love it pin it up hang at the window we realise fabrics/curtains are an investment and want you to be happy.

Happy ok let's print we will refund your £30 on orders over 5 mts /5 rolls.

Your wallpaper/fabric will be eco digitally printed and lovingly produced just for you and despatched by courier.

Enjoy your unique!