frequently asked questions


 Please find some frequently asked questions below which explain a little more.


Are our wallpapers the same size as standard sized rolls?

Some of our wallpapers are 70cm wide and 10mts long providing 7.035 Mt sq as opposed to 52cm wide wallpapers which provide 5.22 Mt sq.

The equates to more coverage and less seams with our papers.

Our murals are all printed to order at custom sizes.


Are our wallpapers manufactured in the UK?

Yes. Our wallpapers are produced by highly experienced printers in Lancashire. They are produced by "state of the art" digital print equipment with eco friendly water based ink system.


How does the quality of our wallpapers differ from 'standard' wallpapers?

We only produce quality light fast contract quality fire proofed wide width non woven papers. Our wallpapers are Toll coated for extra vibrancy on 147 gsm durable quality paper.


Why do we use 'non-woven' papers?

Non woven wallpapers are an advanced technically improved wallpaper and is the preferred substrate for wallpaper made of a fibrous material. Crucially non woven wallpapers are easier to install and remove.

These papers will dry strip from the wall usually leaving the wall smooth and abrasion free.

Our papers are vinyl free making them an environmentally friendly option.