Rebel with a cause.

We love murals and have been promoting them for years,

When we first introduced them they only came in set sizes creating wastage but the mural world has now changed. Thanks to advances in the digital process everything is now bespoke and custom printed to size.

The choice of murals we offer from Rebel Walls is amazing and they are suitable for all rooms commercial or residential.


It's a jungle out there.

A gorgeous collection of nature inspired murals.Think luscious greenery and tropical forests. A particular fave is Misty Forest pictured below

Industrial Loft Trend

Need a cool urban vibe add texture and warmth with some vintage bricks. This Industrial Ivory Mural is a particular fave more than just bricks every area is slightly different giving a contemporary twist on the traditional brick mural.

Here we have featured it in a commercial reception area but suitable for some many space.

Industrial Ivory

Another member of the worn brick tribe is Deconstructed Domino this vintage monochrome marvel inspired by a courtyard in downtown New York.

I love the great contrast.


The Surface collections brings together lots interesting texture which can add warmth and intrigue to your walls.

This mural has lived a little shards of charcoal are embedded within the design. Combining handmade dark patterns into the pattern I love the variation.

There is a perfect mural for every room an inexpensive way to customise every space.